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Looking for corporate Job!!!

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New member
Apr 11, 2002
I'm looking for your basic King Air corporate type job. Anyone with info on an opening or contact? I fly in the West and don't have many networking opportunities. Thanks for any help.!
Join the thousands of former corporate and now furloughed airline pilots looking for work. I wish you the best. Its a tough market out there.

Not sure what you mean by corporate since 135 is different than corporate but here is what I suggest

go to www.guides.com and search for all the companies in your area or whatever are you want to relocate to. Scan the results for companies operating King Airs and send them all a fax

Last time I did this I sent about 80 resumes and received 5 call backs for possible job offers and accepted the best one. You never know when a company just lost a pilot or needs an extra hand.

For every company that posts an ad in AEPS there are probably 20 that need a pilot right now and will hire the first person they hear from
Great Suggestion

Hey Flydog, that's a great suggestion. Just curious, when you sent out your resumes to the corporate companies you found, what did you say in your cover letter? Did you imply you were looking for a flying job and were interested in them?? Just curious. What were your flight times when you sent out your resumes.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.
I dont send cover letters just a simple one page resume. I dont even put an objective on my resume just my ratings, times, work history and education. They are all 135 charter outfits so I assume they know what I am after.

If its a company I know is hiring and I meet their quals I also include my certificates and my Simuflite cards.

I think the key thing besides flight times is experience and currency in the aircraft type they operate. That why I suggested only sending resumes to companies that operate the aircraft you are qualified in.

If you have a current 8410, are typed and have some type of Simuflite or FlightSafety currency it shouldnt be too hard to chase someone down that needs a pilot.

I have had a much better response sending unsolicited resumes than applying for jobs that advertised on AEPS, climbto350, etc. Probably because I wasnt competing with 10,000 other resumes

You can also try looking up owner registrations on the FAA website or aviation databases for a particular make and model. There are probably 1,000 King Airs out there. The downside to this is most turbine aircraft are leased and the registered owner will probably be some bank in Delaware
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