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Looking for Corporate, Charter, or Contract Work


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Nov 25, 2001
Total Time
ATP Multi-Airplane/ATP Helicopter.
Typed in King Air 300/350, Lockheed 382, Embraer 120, Boeing 757/767 (NOTE: NOT FURLOUGHED).
Current CFII, Airplane (single & multi).
First Class Med, FCC RTOP, U.S. Passport.

9800+ total time.
6000+ multi-turboprop, including 1730 PIC in King Airs (KA350, 215 hrs; KA200, 1019 hrs; KAC90, 496 hrs).
3100+ turbine helicopter (single & twin-engine types flown).
Current FAR 135.293/.299 in Bell 222 & 407; current FAR 135.297 in Bell 222.
Current FAR 91 PIC in King Air 300/350 and King Air C90.
No accidents/no violations.

Experience: Charter, EMS/Air ambulance, Corporate, Airline, Military, Flight Instruction.

B. S. Degree.
FlightSafety Wichita King Air B200 initial training, King Air 300/350 single-pilot type rating.
EFIS/EICAS/TAWS experience. RVSM-qualified.

Looking for corporate, charter, or contract work. Referrals appreciated (Please PM). Thanks.

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