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Looking for AA pilot

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Sep 9, 2003
I am looking to get a message to an old junior high school best bud who flys the Triple 7 for AA. If you can help me out, I would appreciate it. PM me and I'll pass on his name.
sf260pilot said:
Name, base, age, would be helpful...that is how networking works.

Exactly, i know several T7 AA guys. Where did you go to school? State? City? ect......All this stuff helps very much.

BTW: AA guys, anyone remember a David Cope? He was a 767 captain about 5-6 years ago DFW base and was also a Squadron Commander for the C-130 ANG unit in Oklahoma? If anyone knows him or has a contact i would GREATLY appriciate it.
Not sure of base et al

The chaps name is Kerry Lynn Chapman. He would be my age, 48 (1956). His dad is Duane Chapman who worked for Western. Kerry and I were really good childhood friends in Camarillo in the 60's. My dad was a Continental captain. Airline kids hung out together back then. If you know him, PM me for contact info. I am sure he would like to reconnect. I can only guess that he would be Dallas based?

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