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Looking for a Multi-engine sea plane..

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RaarR! SLM will getcha!!
Dec 27, 2003
Hey guys-

Anyone know any decent charter operations that will beach a seaplane, on a beach and actually land in the ocean?

I've talked to several who do not put their airplanes actually into the ocean, but only on lakes, rivers, etc..

I am looking for something in Florida, preferably..


Yeh, that's the only one I've found so far..

I'm sure the cost of a Turbine Mallard would be prohibitive for what I am looking for.. :)

Me and the finace' are getting married on the beach and I was going to try and find something that could beach itself, pick up up and then fly us "away." Neat idea - I think - just not very plausible..
go to www.seaplanes.org (Seaplane Pilots Associaton) look in the training section under schools. There seem to be a few guys that have Widgeons--maybe you could rent the pilot and plane for the right price:cool:
why does it have to be a twin? There are any number of single engine seaplanes which are quite capable of picking up you and your wife.

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