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Logging time question - 2 pilots.

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Apr 6, 2005
Hypothetical scenario: A pilot flies as PIC for an operator that has turboprops and piston aircraft, flying both 135 and 91 in managed aircraft. They hire a part-time pilot who flies on the 91 flights to gain experience prior to going for 135 training.

Since the flights he would be on are 91, the PIC could allow him to do a lot of the flying, and sign his logbook as dual received, TT, PIC, etc (PIC is a curent MEI), the PIC would log as dual given. On the legs the PIC flies, the other pilot would not log time. Are there any pitfalls to this scenario?
The only obvious one is that if you want the time to count towards the 135 training requirements, make sure the PIC is an authorized flight instructor for the 135 certificate.
Why wouldn't you log the time when the PIC is flying? I would log it all PIC and when asked a question about it, I would say he was always giving you instruction. The fact that you're flying 91 is insignificant and the fact that you're "working" is insignificant. Don't fly around in an airplane and not log anything, it defeats the purpose. Find a way to log it. Is the turboprop a king air?
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An ATP may instruct in ATP operations without a CFI certificate

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