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Logging Sim time

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Jan 25, 2002
I'm doing a logbook audit, and have come across a question that I hope someone can answer.

When logging sim time in a level D sim; Do you log the flight just like you would if the same flight was in the AC? Ie. turbine/jet, XC, SIC, airports of landings.

Thanks in advance
sim time = pilot time

Sim time = Pilot time

pilot time is NOT total time.

I log sim time as Multi. turbine, x-c, SIC, and sim time. I think if you read DEEP into the regs you find that these are all pilot time.

As far as airports you log where the sim is located ie FSI CMH's XL is located in CMH. You can log number of approaches but type and place really don't matter.
Sim time can only be logged as total time and simulator time. Its not an aircraft so it doesnt count as multi, XC, etc. Simulator time for certification purposes can only be counted towards total time and simulated insutrument time.
In a practical sense, logging of sim time should be restricted to the sim column in your logbook, only. Don't include it in total times, or any other category. Don't add it to PIC time, SIC time, or try to define it by category or class.

If sim time is added to totals, it can cause real headaches when attempting to define time categories for insurance, employment, carding, etc. Generally speaking, single time, when added to multi time, should equal total time. PIC, when added to SIC, and instruction received which isn't either is accounted for, should add to total time. Having a total which doesn't match other categories when added or subtracted can only cause problems.

Of course, the only time required to be logged is that used to meet the recency of expeience requirements, or the experience requirements for any certificate, rating, or operating privilege. Outside of that, you can do what you will. However, adding sim time to total times, and especially to category and class, can wreak havoc in the interview, and may certainly give the appearance of padding one's logbook.

I did the same thing years ago; I had gobs of sim time listed in my log, and it was classified in total time, and category and class. However, I finally realized how it looked, and adjusted my times by removing all simulator and flight engineer time from any other total, except the respective sim and FE columns. It's a good idea; it makes your log much cleaner, and removes any sense of impropriety.

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