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Logging SIC in Pilatus?

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Apr 17, 2004
How would someone log SIC, in A Pilatus(PC-12), given this is a single pilot aircraft? Just curious?
You can't log SIC to my knowledge unless for some reason you didn't have an autopilot and it was operated under FAR 135 ... Otherwise the only person that could log anything would be the actual PIC..

Listen... Just don't do it. If you really have to find some loophole in the regs. to log a flight it's not worth the trouble of logging it.
If you actually fly, you can log PIC, otherwise, all you get from being in the right seat is knowledge.
Log all the SIC you want. I would put it in your book as G-V time though.

If you are going to stretch, make it work for you...
FAR 135 w/ inoperative autopilot; in commuter operation, with Captain less than 100 hours PIC in make/model, during Category II Operations. AND, only while holding current 135.293.

Does 135.151 (CVR required for more than 6 seats) apply? The wording is rather vague:

FAR 135.151 said:
No person may operate a multiengine, turbine-powered airplane or rotorcraft having a passenger seating configuration of six or more and for which two pilots are required by certification or operating rules unless it is equipped with an approved cockpit voice recorder

So, is that multiengine or turbine-powered airplane or is it multiengine turbine powered airplane?

I'm guessing it is multiengine turbine-powered, in which case it would not apply to the Pilatus, but that's just a guess.
hmmm do you have a high altitude endorsement...cause you CAN"T log PC12 or anything else that goes high without it..PIC that is..LOL
A Common Misconception

>>hmmm do you have a high altitude endorsement...cause you CAN"T log PC12 or anything else that goes high without it..PIC that is..LOL<<

Yes, you can log PIC in a PC12 without a high-altitude endorsement, provided you hold at least a private pilot single-engine land certificate...and an instrument rating, if the flight is IFR...for any flight time during which you are the sole manipulator of the controls.

However, you may not ACT as the PIC...and there is a difference...of said PC12 unless you have the high-altitude endorsement.

Also, you may log SIC time in an aircraft that requires only 1 pilot if the PIC is wearing a view-limiting device and practicing instrument flight in VFR conditions, and you are the safety pilot, with at least a private pilot certificate with appropriate category and class ratings...and if required, a type rating.

The references are FAR 61.51 and 91.109. These questions frequently come up and are often disputed, but you can read all about it at www.propilot.com.

Don't ever log time incorrectly or pad a logbook...but also don't ever miss a chance to log flight time when you can.

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