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Logging Shuttle Time

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Atlantic City
Jul 2, 2002
Anyone know how NASA shuttle pilots log shuttle mission time? Does Eileen Collins log PC time during the entire mission? Would seem appropriate. How about when they're docked to the space station?

Ten posts in before RSVM answers the mail!

"..To answer the question, Yes this is logged time from T-Zero to Wheel Stop...The commander logs this as PIC and Pilot Logs As SIC and the Mission Specialists log it as time "On Station".

This applys 24 hours a day when on orbit sleeping or not, Mission control monitors the vehicle while the crew sleeps, however the pilot and commander have headsets on while they sleep if something is required by the ground observers.

How do I know? well you probably would not believe me anyway, but I spent over 20 years working shuttle operations before I decided to jump over to aviation..."
I think the more important question is "Do you need a type rating to fly the shuttle?" I mean c'mon, that thing's definitely over 12,500lbs.
Hopefully all y'all will be able to recognize a joke when you see one.
And of course, psycix will want to know the pay and QOL. :rolleyes:

But most air carriers wouldn't care because it isn't turbine time, LOL.

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