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Logging PIC (Timebuilder & Bobbysamd)

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Dec 4, 2001
Bobbysamd & Timbuilder:


You guys have helped me in the past. If I give a BFR, or just a check out to a Private pilot or for that matter anyone...meaning if a Instrument pilot flies C172's and he/she wants to fly PA28 and I give them a check out can I log that as PIC? Same goes for a BFR, can I log that as PIC?

I'm going to the FAR/AIM right now, just thought someone might know off hand?

Thanks Sean...also Timberbuilder how do I change my settings on my personal login...(how did you change your login to read First Officer)...I was also just at Reading, that is a nice flightschool.
If you are acting as a flight instructor, or you are providing guidance in the operation of an aircraft and checking for safety and proficiency (once again, I'd call it instruction) then you can log that time as PIC time. A BFR or a Cherokee checkout fall into that category. I logged those as dual given, too.

I enjoyed my time at RFA. Did you stop in for a visit on a cross country, or did you fly with someone (Dan/Keith/Bill/?)

RDG is a great little class D airport, and a nearly perfect learning environment. Not too busy to be overwhelming, and great for stop and goes on 13-31. I didn't get really good at aviation radio work until I started flying there regularly from Pottstown Muni, N47.

Settings: click on USER CP up top, then the link Edit Profile. Look for the words "Custom User Text", and look to the right for a text box. Type in the box to change what it says near your avatar.

Glad to help.


Thanks for the info...I thought when I worked in the finance world there were many gray lines...Aviation has many and then some!

Thanks for the help!!!!

I just took one of my students to RDG for a Cross-Country. The lady I spoke to...Alxis (however you spell it) was very nice. I asked her if she knew Art and she said yes, and that they missed you!!!

--Thanks Sean
Logging BFRs and checkouts

Absolutely you can log the time. A person can obtain a biennial only from an authorized flight instructor. An authorized instructor may log as pilot-in-command time all flight time while acting as an authorized instructor. 14 CFR 61.51(e)(3).

The same is true when giving an airplane checkout. You are providing flight instruction when you are explaining and demonstrating the equipment, demonstrating the airplane's stall characteristics and letting the pilot try them, and generally assuring that the pilot can fly the airplane safely.

I agree 100% with Timebuilder; log it as PIC for yourself and dual given.

Hope that helps. Thanks for asking.
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Thanks for the help...I can always count on this message board!!! What a great tool!

You're right, Sean. This board is one of the best things I have found since going online for a college course (doing research) a few years ago.

Nice to know that Alexis remembers me. I sat with her parents over at that round table that looks out over the deck during her first intro flight, answering their questions about aviation safety. She was only 16 or 17 at the time.

Where did you fly in from? Trenton? AVP? ILG?

Good luck!


I flew out of 3N6 (Old Bridge). I live in Princeton NJ, just a couple of miles from Princeton Airport. We take our students to Reading for their 50 miles Cross-Country. Very nice Airport.

How is flying Jet's?
Flying jets has been a real education: the systems, the limitations, the practical matters vs the regulatory environment. It's an experience to land an aircraft that weighs three times as much as a Seneca, using a target airspeed of a 172 RG in cruise. I'm learning more and more every day, and preparing for my ATP written along the way.

A year ago, my biggest plan was to fly a 310 for Quest. This turn to 135 flying has exceeded my expectations.

Now, the plan is to build on this success.

If I'm flying over to MMU maybe I'll stop in at Oldbridge and say Hi.


Definitely do stop by if you are at MMU. 3N6 is SouthEast of MMU by about 20 miles. We are just outside B airspace. Also we are almost directly east of Princeton.

Glad the Jet transition is treating you well...good luck!


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