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Nov 26, 2001
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Okay, here is a simple question. Only problem is I cannot find an exact answer in the FAR's. I am an ATP AMEL. I have plenty of time in King Air 200's and today I flew a King Air 300 which requires a type rating. I flew the first leg from the left seat. It was Part 91. My question is am I able to log this as PIC since I acted as such. It says in the regs that you can log PIC for an A/C which you are rated. Okay I have an ATP ane a multi but no BE300 Type. So therefore I am not rated. Would it be SIC? I don't think so cause the BE300 even though it does require a type rating doesn't require 2 pilots. Okay so how the hell do I log this? I also have a few type ratings, one in the Hawker. Now my second question. Say I go for a Lear type and do the whole thing in the A/C not a sim for the type. Can I log it as PIC? If I can and thats the case can I log the flight I did today as PIC in the BE300 even though we did no training? Thanks alot.


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Nov 25, 2001
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As for the King Air, I would recommend you log it as dual received. You definately may not log it as PIC, as you are not rated in the a/c. Stick-wiggling does not meet the definition of "acting as PIC".

As to the question of adding a new type for the Lear. You may not log the training you receive as PIC, again you are not rated in the a/c. Once you succesfully complete the training, pass the checkride, and satisfy any limitation requirements (ref. 8400-10 or relevant HBATs) and complete required IOE/SOE, you may then log the time as PIC. Until then, log it as dual received.

All this being said, it is your logbook to do with what you will.

Best of luck.