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Well-known member
Aug 10, 2004
Hi, I was wondering who is PIC on a checkride. When I was doing my multi-commercial initial the checkride pilot logged it not as PIC for me. Is this correct, please discuss,,I though FAA examiners are not PIC on a checkride. I have 2.3 hours I want to log as pic for the checkride,,is this ok??
Yes, you are PIC, the examiner usually covers that. They do not usually fill out the logbook correctly, at least in my experience.
Yes you are the PIC and you can log that as PIC. SP135 is right
FAR 61.47(b)"An examiner is not the pilot in command of the aircraft during the practical test unless he agrees to act in that capacity."

...and most examiner's never agree to act as PIC. Mainly because of liability. Since it is cutomary to not act as PIC, an examiner should be very specific if he is going to do that. And, no examiner that I know of logs for the student. Most won't even sign the logbook unless asked. It's not dual. Was it entered as dual?
All of my flight tests, after successfully being completed, have been signed by the examiner attesting to my abilities and the issuance of the new certificate/rating. As for the PIC, they always filled that column in for me.

The applicant on a checkride is usually the PIC unless otherwise arranged beforehand by the examiner. I'd say to log that PIC for yourself.

all of my examiners from PVT to well today I just passed my II and all have simply put (what ever your going for) Practical Test Passed signed and dated
Having given a "non-faa" (airline/part 135) checkride, anyone know if the check airman logs it as pic?

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