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Logging PIC as Safety Pilot

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Well-known member
Jan 30, 2002
Just wondering if anyone knows where the regulation that talks about this is. I went to a flight school in Florida and a lot of my time building was done with other students while they are flying under the hood. We logged PIC in this case. It is my understanding that as long as you are rated in the airplane and current, have a current medical and the other pilot is under the hood, then you log PIC. This was acceptable at the notoriously strict Orlando FSDO and most of the instructors where I am now agree with this. However, I've heard that the head lady at our FSDO says that it's SIC time. I don't see anything in the definition of SIC time that correlates. I think that I've found the correct reg (61.51 (e)(1)(iii). I would think that the part about ".......or the regulations under which the flight is conducted........" covers this. I would assume that this covers the fact that when someone is under the hood that regulations require an adequate safety pilot (someone current, medical valid, and rated in the airplane). Please help me put this thing to bed once and for all.
PIC or SIC...

Log it as PIC for sure for a couple of reasons. First of all, I have heard of some people that have been turned down in an interview (Regional and Major) because they had safety pilot time as SIC. If yuo have SIC in a small single, they are going to wonder about it, and you don't want to have to explain something as stupid as that. THere is nothing that says that you are authorized to log SIC in a smal single. And besides, PIC time won't throw up any flags in your logbook, but SIC will.

Also, both pilots are "responsible" for the airplane safety, as one is controlling the aircraft, and the other is responsible for collision aviodance, and therefore both are excercising control over the aircraft.


read 61.51(f)(2).

that's the basis for logging SIC time in a single pilot airplane.


Log it as PIC, because flying under the hood in simulated instrument is an operation that requires the use of two pilots.

CFR 61.51 section 4 (i) states that PIC can be logged for performing the duties of PIC in an aircraft requiring more than one pilot.



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