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Logging FE time

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Jan 5, 2005
I just had a discussion with a friend who has an app in with UPS, FedEx as well as myself. We both flew the panel and talking about how we put our FE time on our resumes. He has added his towards his total time on the UPS but not the FedEx, where as I haven't added it in either. His reasoning was FedEx specifically states not to, but UPS does not. Also when I started to do the Continental app., it automatically added the FE time to my total time. In my logbook it is not counted towards my total time, but should I include it in my total time on my app.? Thanks.
I always logged it as total time as well as FE time, unless an application specifies not to. If an employer wants to look at front seat time, they can just subtract the FE time easily enough. It really shouldn't be a factor as long as you're up front about it in an interview.

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