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Logbooks and SWA

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Big Member
May 18, 2005
What is the preferred method for logging time in a traditional logbook for interview purposes? Do they like to see each leg per line, each day per line, or could I get away with each month per line? I am really far behind and getting ready to start playing catch-up. I would like to do each month per line, but am afraid this would be looked upon badly. Any thoughts? Thanks.
Mine were all day by day, not leg by leg. Both are standard and neither would be an issue. I am sure many guys do a one month entry per line and it is ok, but likely they are very high time... for example an ex-US Air guy who got hired here did that for 20 some years of US Air experience... again not an issue, who would deny the experience level? But if you are coming from the regionals or military I would try to do at least day by day not because your logbooks would be "invalid" with month by month, but simply because it looks like you cared a lot to record the time that would be important to getting you to SWA.
It is hard to advise you without knowing more? Who are you flying for right now? Do they keep any records? A month per line wouldn't look great, I don't know what the logbook checker would think - but I'd be uncomfortable walking in with anything that look unprofessional.
I am from a regional and corporate background. Records are kept at both my last job and current one.
The best thing you could possibly bring would be a copy of those records and your own personal line by line logbook. We are not a company of anal neat freaks though, so the main thing is the offical records.

Best of luck
military background. my logbook was day by day (multiple entries if i switched aircraft). i really don't think the interviewer cares, as long as it it's neat and easy to follow. Be sure to follow the supplemental logbook instructions they provide you (ie tabbing your pages) The logbook review took about 5 minutes for me.

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