Logbook padding


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Mar 2, 2002
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Just wanting to vent,

An instructor I know prides himself with padding his logbook. At first, he was adding small amounts here and there. Now he is creating fictitious flights. We have instructed approximately the same number of months, but he has many more hours than I do. He also had a reputation at his last job as a "padder" I know it MIGHT come back and haunt him, but it probably won't.

I am proud of the small amount of time I have EARNED and this really bugs me.

I/we will be competing with this person for a job soon and he thinks it's funny!! I have heard pilots say "log what you must, fly what you can" Is this rampant in the industry? am I being naive?

Do we, as pilots have any recourse to squash this type of behavior? Should I just mind my own business?

Sorry for the rant, just frustrated I quess