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Logbook ap for blackberry?

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I've been wondering the same thing. Supposedly, Neal Culiner at Logbook Pro/APDL was going to come up with a BB version somewhere around the end of last year. Nothing yet, and I think he's going to lose a lot of customers unless he gets off his butt and makes it happen. He thinks Windows Mobile for PPC's is the "trend of the future" while completely disregarding the amazing (and growing) sales of BB's. Short answer: no. I'm hoping to have something soon.
There is Safelog but I don't like the way it seems to work... The input seems to take forever and I don't think you can import your schedule, then enter times. keeping an eye out myself as I have a BB Storm.
Yeah - I looked at Safelog as well, but for exactly the reasons you already stated, I wasn't about to buy it. I have a Storm, as well, BTW...would sure love to have a logbook app that works...
NC Software does not seem to want to really support APDL anymore. They are really into the Logbook pro, something I feel is not really for an airline pilot. I have been using them since starting in the airlines, and now wish I had not started with APDL. I feel left out in the lurch. While in the Navy, I just used an excel spreadsheet. I should have stayed with that.
Agreed. I thought I had a pretty easy system with LBP and APDL, but I really want to get rid of my Windows Mobile PPC. I wonder what it would take to design our own BB app?...
no clue, never was a programmer. Check out crackberry.com I know they have a lot of developer info and apps.

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