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Lock & Load ladies and gents....

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We got "change" alright.
Nov 26, 2001
Just caught on CNN HLN that the government is allowing a program involving 1400 pilots to arm themselves in the cockpit after "Federal Marshall like" training demonstrating proficiency. This program will continue for 2-3 (can't remember which one)years and then be evaluated. Gee, there's something real familiar about that concept:

The previous debate
"Pilots that are unsure, inexperienced, or uncomfortable with it.....don't carry one. Ones that can meet requirements such as accuracy, psych evaluations, and scenario tests should have that option. Treat it with the same respect and accuracy as we do our aircraft."

Quotes from the opposing:

"BUT guess what?- Hmmmm...It is a done deal so don't worry about it!!"

"It is a done deal so whether you agree/disagree I guess everyone has to adapt and "accept" the cards that we have been dealt."

Yes we do and we ain't seen the fat lady yet. Lock and load baby.
d#mn, i see flydog already beat me to it! i gotta get some sleep before I get on these boards......
Fly boxes

Im going to go fly boxes!

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