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LOA 81 at Piedmont

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Well-known member
Apr 12, 2002
Can someone please enlighten me as to the language regarding this letter of agreement? I am totally in the dark on this one. What's been going on at CCAir has had me a bit preoccupied.
from what I understand this letter is very basic, If the pilots give up everything including their jobs, then maybe mainline might put a few rj's on the property and half the pilots of that /rj would be pdt guys. This LOA is unsigned by ANYONE! so if any of the WO sign this they will be open to anything management or the mainline pilots want. You can bet the bank that none of it will be in the WO pilots interest.

So basically this is the pilots giving management a blank check and the trust that goes with it? Is this correct? Boy, have I heard that one before. Sort of like going to the proctologist and he tells you to trust him as he's standing behind you. Doesn't quite give me a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Well there is an old saying that Bobby Knight got in trouble with Connie Chung about. That is, "if rape is inevitable, you may as well just lay there and enjoy it". I don't think I quite subscribe to this theory but that's what all management would like for us to do. Be totally passive.
The only good thing so far is ALG has NOT signed off on loa 81 and will not do so in it's present form! I just came from a meeting tonight so it's official. This is all a big attempt by management to whipsaw one group against another.
Looks like they went to school taking lessons from J.O. who took his lessons from Stephen Wolf and Frank Lorenzo.

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