LMAO? Not really.


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Apr 5, 2018

Once again just want to remind all of the fools who gave up the only opportunity a pilot's union has or will ever have to negotiate a contract in the best economy what was really at the center of the marketing campaign just a hair over 50% fell for hook line and sinker.

As I've long said, so many conservatives have been duped by the huge 30 year plus marketing campaign against unionization led by the Koch brothers when in reality it's about cheap labor and even more socialist principles than the alternative.

Conservatives should have realized private unions (while avoiding public sector unions) are a more conservative idea than the "free" market. Instead they've chosen to be gullible pawns of the cloak and dagger leftists.

Has the sky fallen since the vote? Admittedly no but that has more to do with the economy and our need for pilots. We are still losing more positions then we can fill. Wait until the economy crashes and then we'll talk about those "eggs" in your basket.

Listen, this is not about Kenn Ricci. I have always been clear on that point. I have no issue with him other than his questionable choice to leave bad managers in positions of power. My issue has been and will always be the fact some among us choose to spout lofty goals of conservative rhetoric without doing their homework. You will never find a more conservative person out there than me and I supported unionization 100%.

It's not a proud moment to post links like this. It's not gloating. I just hope some of you finally wake up.


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Dec 19, 2003
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lets follow George Soros who is paying and telling folks to be un civil protesters at conservative events

Soros isn’t even born and raised in the United States. And those Koch brothers are considered as democrats now a days. All globalists who do not care about poor and middle class America. Do you not understand this?

Soros wants the immigration too. Did you not know this ?