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Living near Oakland

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Cray Cray

Feb 11, 2004
Do any SWA pilots have any recommendations on where to live in the vicinity of Oakland? What about travel times to and from the airport and access to the BART?
I would say 95% of OAK pilots commute. Just a guess but based on FO new hires nobody wants to live there.
About 2 Hours Southeast

There are some nice suburbs about 2 hours southeast of Oakland. Lots of SW pilots live there. ...Oh, you probably meant within 2 hours driving time.... Nevermind...Cheers.
Check out Discovery Bay


It's been a long time since I lived in the Bay Area. I used to work out of Hayward. Nobody ever really thought about living in Oakland unless it was up in the Oakland Hills. I had a student who lived on Alameda Island, which was fairly nice. Lots of people are now commuting from the Central Valley, places like Tracy, Stockton, Modesto, etc because the price of housing in the Bay Area is so high. Those places aren't really that interesting though. If you are going to do that you may as well go up to Sacramento or into the foothills. Places like Auburn, Placerville, or Columbia.

To the north it is pretty industrial until you get over the bridge into Vallejo. There are some nice communities nestled in the hills there. Another student had a very nice place on a golf course between Fairfield and Napa. Napa Valley itself is pretty nice, but expensive.

Once you get over the hills dividing the Bay Area from the Central Valley there is a significant climate change. The Central Valley is much warmer in the summer and much cooler in the winter. That is one of the reasons people didn't live out there until the price of housing got so astronomical in the Bay Area.

Bay area is obviously way expensive. I would give anything to live in San Francisco. One day I hope. As far as flying out of Oakland, I know of a pilot that lives in the valley and drives in to Oakland for his trips (lives in Turlock). If you are going to commute from the valley to Oakland, I would recommend living in another base. The valley is certainly not as expensive as Oakland, but the costs are still up there because its California. The valley is nothing like the bay area. Very hot and dusty in the summer and very cold and foggy during the winter. I lived there a while and every chance I got I went to San Fran. Its probably better to live in a cheaper base, put away some money, and move to the Oakland base after you have already saved. If not, renting in the area is possible, but you would be dumping a lot of hard earned money into property you will never own. Just my opinion....its almost nice enough to do the renting thing though. Quality of life is amazing there and almost worth the money.
learthirty5 said:
I would give anything to live in San Francisco.
Not being facetious, but is that man in your avatar gay?
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FN FAL said:
Not being facetious, but is that man in your avatar gay?

i was about to ask how you saw the ear, but i see you caught it with the edit already!

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