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Little Rock

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Registered Gorer
Jul 7, 2004
Has anyone been down there recently? Just wondering what the C130 student backlog is and the current time to train.

Heading down there soon for the Nat'l Guard...

Thanks, Navin
Which Program?

Right now for pilots they are approx. 3 weeks behind on the flightline. The Wx has been good lately so they should be catching up. Also the new reduced flying program is about to take effect which will reduce delays. If you are coming for PCO3 expect 45-60 days right now and as you get closer to Thanksgiving and Xmas expect 60-90 days. PM me with any specific questions.
I just went throught the pilot inital qual in Feb. I was going from J to E and the basic qual only course took about 3 months....just talk to a guy in my class who just finished up the Tac portion last week so it took from Feb till now for the full program

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