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Little ACE in Anchorage

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Dec 17, 2001
Has anybody heard what happened with the courts decision to let them haul mail? I know they did file Chapt. 11 a month or so ago but are they really going bankrupt? What's the scoop? Thanks.
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Every day we get mail off their DC-6's and C-47 in BRW. I think the bankruptcy kept the USPS from jerking their contract... Rumor has it the guy running the company has lots of expierance running little airlines under chapter 11.... We shall see....
You're thinking of Alaska Cargo Express with the DC6's, etc. I'm talking about Alaska Central Express with the B1900's.
This is just my personal opinion

My opinion based on nothing else besides a hunch in my gut tells me that they (Little ACE) will exist for awhile longer while the family plays some legal games and then they'll be outta business therby flooding an already saturated ANC pilot market with more out-of-work pilots.

Sorry for the huge run-on.

On the bright side, nature (and economics) abhor vacuums. Somebody will take that slice of the pie when it's available. The question is: Will that slice be evenly divided among existing carriers; be consumed by a company that doesn't yet exist; or continue to be regurgitated by another reincarnation of MarkAir?

Time will tell.

In the meantime we all wait for the economy to recover down south and then expect a "trickle up".
first a little primer on the players:

"Little ACE" is Alaska Central Express. They operate Beech 1900's. They are operated by the Bergt family, Neil and his son Mike, of MarkAir and MarkAir Express infamy.

"Big ACE" is Air Cargo Express. They operate DC-6's and Curtiss C-46's (not C47's OtterFO, that's a DC-3). It's a bit confusing, as the names have the same acronym and they sit next to each other on the ramp at ANC but there is no connection at all between Air Cargo Express and Alaska Central Express.

Now, regarding the bankruptcy:

Alaska Central Express ("little ACE") is the one that filed bankruptcy. They are not bankrupt at all, I believe that they are in good financial condition. Filing Chapter 11 was merely a legal manuver to forestall a court order that would prevent them from hauling mainline bypass and non-pri mail. It is my understanding that a Federal Bankruptcy judge said in effect "No way, Jose, Chapter 11 is for companies that are bankrupt, not a loophole to keep a company from losing postal contracts." Following that, Little ACE's lawyers weaseled a 17 day "stay of execution" on some other grounds. I think that will expire sometime next week. Until then, they are still hauling mail. Who knows what will happen after that.

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A Squared,

I wont make that mistake again. I thought the aircraft looked a little pregnant to be a gooney bird.

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