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list your toughest checkride questions

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stranger to the ground
Dec 3, 2001
hello everybody please list your toughest checkride questions

from any checkride

and any trick questions you have been asked in the c-172 and the c-172 rg
thanks in advance
you have only one sectional chart plot a course from a point on the north side to a point on the south side or vice versa ?

how do you get an stc

you have just landed your first job as a pilot for a doctor flying his baron he just showed up drunk with his buddies for a flight to vegas
what do you do ?
Tough questions...

Here are some real doozies I've been asked since I started my training...

You apply Carb heat during the runup and the RPM increases...What does this indicate?

You lose hydraulic pressure and the gear pump is inop...What will the gear do? Is there any way to lower it?

You lower flaps and discover that the settings are split...What do you do?

When you cycle the prop during the runup, does the MP increase, decrease, or stay the same? Why?

Can you lean out an engine with a constant speed prop without an EGT or a fuel flow guage at altitude? If so, how?

You encounter icing at cruise...Do you climb or descend to avoid the ice buildup? Why one and not the other?

Describe what happens to the prop when oil pressure is lost...

The static port(s) are iced over and there is no alternate static source in the cockpit...Is there any way to supply static pressure to the altimeter? If so, how is it done?
Is there any other instrument that will give an approxamate indication of altitude?

While climbing out after takeoff, you pitch for Vy and notice the airspeed is continually increasing...What does this indicate?

Why do aft CG loadings increase fuel efficiency in comparison to forward CG loadings? How does this affect overall stability?

What is the difference between a loadmeter, ampmeter, and a voltmeter?

Why does the battery have a lower total voltage than the electrical system?

What are the three types of hydroplaning and when is each likely to occur?

You have an electrical malfunction and shut down the alternator...What effect, if any, will this have upon the magnetic compass?

You are in cruise when you realize you have runaway trim...How do you maintain aircraft control?

The throttle is stuck in the full open position...How do you land at the airport?

You are on final approach and you get rolled to a 80' degree bank from wake turbulence...How do you recover?

What is the difference between a slot and a slat?

What are the differences between leading edge flaps and trailing edge flaps?

What happens when the airframe itself is "failed"?

How many counterweights are there on the aircraft?

Is it possible to do a complete roll and keep the engine running? (No using the boost pump)

You find out your rudder is jammed full left in flight...What effect, if any, will this have on the position of the nose wheel when you finally land?

Right about here is where the examiner looks at you and says
"Are we having fun yet?"
CFI question........Why does an aircraft become unstable when you move the CG to the Aft position.
"How do you think you did?"

I'm seldom satisfied with my own performance, and weigh in easily as my own harshest critic. With few exceptions, examiners or check airmen have asked me how I thought I did. A shortcoming on my part is the inherent need to give an honest answer, and I seldom rate myself highly. How does one answer?
A brand new question:

You are flying along and you think you have spotted an alien or extraterestial spacecraft - what do you do?

Answer - believe it or not, there is a new paragraph in the 2002 version of the AIM covering that very subject. Look it up!

And I'm not spoofing you.

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