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Lines at terminals

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Jan 31, 2002
If you have traveled on an airline in the last decade you know that airline crews can go through a seperate line at most airports and bypass all the standing around. As a fractional pilot with your ID badge or with your uniform on can we do the same.
Yes....in uniform with my id. I was trying to get to aspen and asked one of those people who is there to help/direct you where to go. A "goodwill marshal" or something along those lines...i think is what they are called.

As you are trying to go through security...where the "rat race" lines are there is a little cooridor type thing of pay phones which was blocked off.(to the right if you are looking at security) The guy told me to go through there and when i got to one of the security persons, i showed them my ticket and id.

No problem...it was about a month ago.

I don't like to skip lines. I actually make sure I stand in the longest line with everybody else.

The reason, i'm getting paid to stand in line. Actually last tour I was 50 minutes till bording the company called, get off the plane and get your bag "it's checked" i get my bag get out of line.

I call the company" oh wait get back on that plane nevermind"

**CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED**, oh well back on i get on the plane after making them go through the baggage to get my bag just to check it back again. I think they were getting pissed.

If i miss a plane it's not my problem. besided the other people love it when you have to stand in line with them.
The crew lines, or getting ahead of the line, is designed for AIRLINE crews only, WHILE WORKING. Of course, the security people can't differentiate between the uniforms -they can't differentiate many other things, but that's an entire other thread-.
However, do you want to be embarrassed in the front of all those PAX you just caught off? Perhaps worse?
I, as a "regional" pilot will only get ahead of the line if I am in hurry for my show time and the line is long. Although, I have the right to do so. Don't want to aggravate the PAX even more.
BTW, I am not getting paid while in line.
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not sure about other places, but when i was at denver...i didnt cut in front of anyone since the line for the crews had a seperate scanner and security personnel.

im sure at some airports that is the case....you cut in front of them. Also, i was in a hurry to catch my flight which company changed at the last minute.

Like you said..do what you think is right

I have seen non revs, commuting pilots and flight attendants cut to the front and it does get a little aggrivating after you have been in line for 15 min. Just to have a flight crew jump in front and now you go nowhere. But, do what you think is right, god knows I have had to do it when I was commuting and it was getting to close to dept. time, but that was pre 9-11. Today, I simply plan ahead and take into account the extra time to make it through security, especially since my belt has been setting off the alarm and then get to go through the full search and show everyone my clean socks. Anyway, my advice is to check and see if there is an employee entrance. I.E. MSP has it by the middle of the terminal and ORD has it downstairs by the baggage claim area of Terminal 1 "B" side. Anyway, they should not have any problem provided you show them your credentials, had a buddy who works for EJA go through it without any problems.

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