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Line Svc (day Job) question

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Beat Nebraska!!!
Nov 26, 2001
i am flying checks in the evening but have nothing to do in the daytime. is it detrimental to future employment to be pumping gas? i put my self through flight training doing this, (and actually made some good contacts) and can't imagine how this could hurt. of the people i have talked to some have said it shows poor work ethic, but i don't see how?
i already have at least 6 resume's out, but waiting around watching sportcenter isn't a vaiable income.
fly safe
Pumping Gas

Hey there Go Buffs,

I started out at the pumps 10 years ago and continued to work the pumps even after flying corporite. Not so much for the second income but for the contacts. The only way that I can see that 2 jobs shows poor work ethic is if one interfers with the other. Having flown checks for years I understand being board all day long. I was a floater for AirNet and spent 40 weeks a year on the road, I would have rather been home working 8pm-8am sleeping and then pummping fuel from 2pm-7:30. At least then I wasn't filling my head with triva that could only come in handy on Japordy or some future version of Trival Pursuit.

If you think your body clock can handle it and it won't japordize your safety in flight then by all means do both. I would think that that kind of tanasity would come across well in an interview. And who knows when a Lear or Citation will land with a dream job.

God Bless Leardvr
Hang in there, Buff Man, something will come along. Thanks for that Nebraska butt-whoopin, by the way. I'm a Sooner, so that was nice to watch. Should've been you guys in the Rose Bowl! See ya next season!

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