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Like the new website design

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DC-9 Evangelist
Dec 12, 2001
I really like the new flightinfo.com site design. It's a lot cleaner than the old version.

My only suggestion would be to make "The Hangar" message board link bold like the rest. I had a hard time finding it, and some ppl might skim right over it.

Other than that, I love it. :D I think it looks very professional and clean. Keep up the good work. :)
Me, too

Yeah. Different. More professional. The new page caught me off guard last night. I, too, had a little trouble finding the "Hangar" link. It could be made to be more prominent. Other than that, the new page has a nice, clean appearance, in my .02 opinion.
Hangar Link

Thanks guy's! Old style was way outdated...was time for an over haul!

Anyway, I changed the link a little.....tell me if that fixes the problem for you. I may also add a graphic to help that too.

Looks great!

New site looks great!

I do agree about putting a more prominent link to the message boards somewhere. Also, it's usually more customary in Web design to have the Content links along the left side and the ads along the right, but that's pretty nitpicky. ;-)

Hangar Link

Better, much better. Of course, I second the comment that the message board is second to none. :)

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