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Life Insurance

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Jan 29, 2002
What's the best Pilot Life insurance are you guys/Gals using out there. I am looking to change my insurance company preferably to a Term Life.
Thanks in advance for all who replies..
The best rate I found a few months ago was through AOPA. The company they use won't gouge you because you are a pilot. The first quote I got was for around $450 for $100,000 term (age 29 nonsmoker). I guess they saw me as a risk. But through AOPA I am paying around $150 a year for $100,000. Which is not bad.

Hope this helps.
First Penn Pacific Life Insurance Company sold me a $250,000 term policy for $400/year. They don't penalize pilots.

I found this through a neighbor. I was looking to replace my SGLI from the military. My neighbor, also retired Army, knew exactly what I was looking for. This beat anything I found through AOPA or ALPA. I looked at 10-12 companies. Send me a PM if you want to talk to my neighbor.

Fly safe!

He's another insurance company, specializing in pilot insurance.

The "Pilot Insurance Center"

There is an article about them in the June 2002 FLYING magazine page 38.

Free quote on web site. good luck...Their web site www.piclife.com
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