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Lewis University CFIs

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Well-known member
Nov 28, 2001
Was wondering if anyone can tell me if lewis is hiring any instructors as of now? if they are who do i send a resume to, and what is the pay and schedule like? any information would be great, thanks.
Don't know if they're hiring but when I worked there they were always short of CFI's.

Chief Pilot: William Goebel, flt dept ph. # 815-836-5484, address: Lewis University Flight Department RTE 53 Romeoville IL 60446.

Pay was good, I think $14/hr. You got benefits like health insurance, sick and vacation time. Bid for students by seniority, Asst. Chief Pilots taught the multi-eng. students. You fly C-172 and C-152. They also have a seminole. Note, Goebel is bad at returning messages so keep calling and also consider chatting with the asst. chiefs.
Schedule, I think it was Mon thru Sat 7:30 to 5:30. Students sign up for time slots three days a week and have that slot for the semester. You can teach outside students when you do not have Lewis students.

Note: this info is dated but generally shouldn't have changed much.
Lewis is not currently look for instructors. However as things continue to improve in our industry that will quickly change. Some of the information above is dated. Our Chief Pilot is now Keith McGill. Resumes can be mailed to 1 University Parkway Box 285 Romeoville, IL. 60446 or faxed to 815-838-7135.
Each semester you will be given 10 students. Two hours each 3 days a week. Schedules are Mon. thru Sat. 0730-0530. Pay rate is around 15 \hour primary, 19\hour advanced, and 23\hour multi. Benefits include medical, dental, vision, life, free tuition, paid holidays, and 2 weeks vacation. Our fleet includes 10 C152s, 9 C172s, 5 C172Rs, 3 C182RGs, and 1 PA44-180.
Like I said I don't think we're hiring right now but send your resume anyway and be persistant. Best time to get in is usually spring/summer but if hiring at the commuters starts to pick up they'll hire mid semester if needed.
thanks guys for the replies i appreciate it very much. ill send a resume and see what happens. one more question are they a 141 flight school. if they are would they prefer someone with 141 programs over other instructors. just wonder where i teach now im in the 141 program and am an check instructor and senior instructor. thanks for any info.

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