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Letter of Recomendation

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Active member
Nov 27, 2001
It seems these days to get an interview, it's all about who you know. I wanted to know if a letter or recomendation from a pilot from another company has any effect when applying to any regional airlines, or does it have to be from the same company?
Any feedback will be welcome.
I brought a letter from my systems instructor / IOE Check airman from my previous job to another airline interview. It had to have helped.
Same here. I brought a letter from just a captain that I flew with to an interview. I received a letter 4 days later, post-dated the very next day, inviting me to a class. I think it certainly helps because it "puts" another person in the room who is telling the interviewers that you are a good pilot/person. Also try creating a folder of flight awards, accomplishments, WINGS certificates, letters of rec., and a nice copy of your resume. Throw them in plastic sleeves and then into a binder. It starts to make you look organized and impressive.

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