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Nov 27, 2001
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If you want to talk close air support it's the MARINE CORPS who is getting the job done! Lets not leave out Marine Air we have a few squadrons on the ship that are doing some great work!!!!!!

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Dec 21, 2001
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An AC-130 gunship can provide close air support to within 125 meters without "danger close" approval. How close can you drop a bomb from a jet? True, a 105mm or 40mm shell will not destroy hardened targets. However, the low yield ammo does allow us to shoot close to friendly forces. The gunship's mission include close air support, armed recce, search and rescue, as well as interdiction. With our TV and IR sensors and accurate guns, we're able to not only track and kill troops in the open, but we can also decide on which guy we want to take out first! We have a laser pointer to pick out specific targets to ground personnel. This allows for target confirmation before we shoot. Our fuel load allows the aircraft to remain overhead much longer than a fighter. Furthermore, the pylon orbit allows us to keep eyes and guns on target continuously, whereas a fighter can only make passes. The communication equipment on a gunship is the best in the military. A crew of 14 also commands a strict order of checks and balances to ensure there are no friendly fire incidents. Today, our defensive equipment is probably better than a B-1's. However, we don't advertise that fact, because who wants to take a C-130 into a high threat environment? In a low to medium threat environment, the AC-130 gunship is the Special Forces' preferred close air support aircraft.

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Nov 29, 2001
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Ac-130 Gunship

The AC-130 Spectre gunship is truly an incredible piece of technology. The crews are great and they love working with spec ops on the ground.