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Length of Training for Airlines?

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Well-known member
Jul 17, 2005
What are the lengths, in days, weeks, and/or months, of initial training classes(in general) for the different airlines hiring? SWA? JetBlue? Continental? Air Tran? Etc.

Military guy here wondering, with the holidays coming up, how much leave I should have in the bank, so that if I am to get hired, I might be able to be on terminal leave during training...thanks for the replies!!!
Leon, in general, airline training will take about three weeks for groundschool(one for 121 indoc and two for systems), one week for cockpit procedures training, and another week for sim training. Usually, you can expect for your "after groundschool" training to take about six weeks depending upon your seniority in class, etc. i.e., the senior guy goes first and they can't train everyone at once. My experience has been that it takes about eight weeks from hitting the property until you take your first OE trip.

Good Luck
Southwest is the quickest I have seen. Hire date was November 15 and by Jan 3rd I was done with IOE and line qualified. We spent 2 whole days on systems. I was amazed. Everyone having a type prior to class helps them keep it short I believe.
AirTran was 2 weeks Indoc, 2 weeks sytems/FMS Then 2 weeks Sim, plus checkride and LOFT . . . it comes out to be 8 weeks to IOE. Usually, you will get weekends off from the classroom stuff, but once you get in the sim it's three or four days on and then a few days break.
i would try and bank as much leave as possible. I plan on using about 60 days terminal leave (no big holiday plans). Can only speak on SWA, but they are very flexible w/ separation dates.
Jetblue is 6 weeks from first day of class to ready for IOE. Then usu about 2 wks til your done with IOE.
Gemini Air Cargo is six weeks on the md-11 not including IOE. I'm starting week #5!

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