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Legacy pulls out of DOT request! AGAIN

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New member
Nov 25, 2001
Are we tired of this or what. Legacy is now the new name of the old Onieda from Dallas. Onieda changed its name to Legacy. They said they are going into the RJ business. YEA RIGHT BOYS! Keep up the card game boys. I think there about 4 people living off of startup funding from investors and playing musical chairs. Would not work for these dudes myself.
go to Legacyairlines.com and see for yourself.
From what I hear, Oneida is up in Utica, New York. This is pretty much a bait and switch scheme. These guys have been around up here in one form or another for a long time. I believe they started out of SYR as Northern Airlines with same F-28 plan. The company out of Dallas was Legend Airlines out of DAL. Nice idea, couldn't compete with SWA.

Cheers !


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