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Leasing a cabin class

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Jun 12, 2008
I am looking at the purchase of a 421B I wanted to lease it to a couple law firms in the area So if I understand the regs correctly I can lease this plane to them as long as I charge them for the airplane time and let the pilot bill them seperate, (using a contract Pilot) I am not interested in a charter ticket I just wanted to offset the expense of having it
I believe you cant charge them more than twice the amount of fuel cost ..and you may want to look into the NBAA small aircraft exemption if you want to wet lease the plane with pilot included and not worry about P135 violations. Its all ridiculous anyway...but I believe w/o the small aircraft expemtion you can provide the plane but you cant provide the pilot. Im sure others will chime in here as this stuff can be tricky
I would suggest you lease it to them for a small monthly fee plus an hourly rate. The most important thing is that you cannot provide the pilot, direct them to a particular pilot, or specify the pilot they must use. You can establish minimums for the pilot - but that's it. If you do that, you should be OK.

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