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Lear types

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Well-known member
Jan 25, 2002
How much for a lear type. And does anyone know if you can use the govt grant money to get a Lear type or will they only do a 737 type?
Lear Types

Box Flyr:
You can use the WIA money for any type rating you can get. It is not limited to B-737 types. I am waiting for the $$$ for my Lear type right now. You can check-out Simuflite or SIMCOM, they are both WIA approved. Simuflite is a little bit more expensive but according to many you get what you pay for and thatis better training.
I got a job offer letter from my future employer and that seemed to expedite the process when I got to the government office to apply for the program. You might want to try the same. My future employer is going to pay the difference for my training at Simuflite and that is great.
Good luck!!
What program is this? I am a Lear FO going to Simuflite next week and I have to sign a $9000 contract. Am I understanding that I can apply for and recieve grant money for a type rating?
Interesting...I never knew you could get govt. grants for type ratings. What are the requirements, who do I talk to, and so on.... Thanks in advance.
If you do a search, i think they are talking about the funds that some of the furloughed guys are using to get type ratings. Im not sure on all the details, but i dont think they "give" the money to just anyone.

I think that you need to have been furloughed or let go from a flying job.....dont quote me on this, im not 100% sure

WIA $$

I was furloughed from UAL last year, and I was able to get grant money from my state (ID) to go to King Air Initial at SIMCOM. It took about two months to get all the paperwork squared away, part of the problem getting SIMCOM on the approved vendor list, but the whole thing was paid for by the state (~$6000). The big factor was having that letter guaranteeing employment after receiving the necessary training. Without one of those, I'd be hesistant about even trying to apply for the money. Any other questions, feel free to contact me.

Lear Types

You can go to the local unemployment office in your city or state and ask about this; it is called the WIA Program and is for people that have been fourghloged or laid off. The purpose of this program is to help these people in getting further training so that they can advance in their careers. In California the maximum amount of $$$ you can get is $8000. Call and find out more.
Good luck!!

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