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Lear type $$ from WIA / best value??

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Smells like....
Mar 7, 2002
I have $6000 from the state of Illinois for use toward a Lear type. I realize that $6K won't pay for all of the training, but I'm looking for opinions on the best values out there.

What have you WIA people paid for your types??

Any input appreciated...
I went to Simuflite on the Citation Bravo. List was $15,900. I beat on them and got it down to 12,000. Training was great. Sims were fantastic. The facility is top notch.

I checked into Flight Safety and Simcom and they wouldn't deal at all. Simcom was cheaper by a grand but it wasn't glass and the sim was a level C. I think the lear sim there is a 35 with glass. I'm not sure. They were far cheaper for the lear.

Flight Safety also acted like they didn't know what WIA was and didn't want to know. I called a number of different Flight Safety locations. A couple never called me back.

I would get Simuflites best price and compare it to Simcom. Also is WIA paying travel and hotel? If not that is also a consideration. They did pay both for me.

It worked.....I immediately got part time work and in less than two months I got a full time gig with a great outfit.
That sounds like quite a good deal, what state were you dealing with? Did they pay the whole $12K?

On second look I see this is "National Emergency Grant" and not WIA. I am unclear of the difference between the two.
There are some joints down in South FLA that offer Lear Types pretty cheap. Training is done in the A/C not with a sim.

Probably could do it for around $6,000 down there.

I have not been there personally so you will have to find someone other than me to give you a recommendation.

Have you considered a citation type rating?

This place offers types in the citation for $4,5000. Training is done in the A/C and I think they are WIA Approved.


I was going to go, but got recalled.
I think most insurance companies require simulator training. I could be wrong about this but I guess I would too if I was insuring a pilot.
What you said about insurance is probably true.

It depends on what you want to do. If you have a prospective employer that has given you a conditioal employment offer and dictated that you go to brand X because that is where they do their training, then you have no choice.

But if you just want to get a new type added to your certificate knowing that you are going to be retrained on someone elses company procedures anyway, than I am not sure if the extra money for brand X is worth it.

I would talk to the prospective employer first. Do not spend your money until you are fully informed about the marketplace.

Remember, if you get a LRJET type now but do not get hired until this time next year, your fancy rating might be worth the same as the cheap one since you are no longer current either way.

Good Luck!
Lear Type


If you can remember the Lear place in S Florida that would do it for close to $6000, I would love to get the information as well. I can get the IL money as well and hate to let it go to waste.

Lear type

There are a couple of places in FL that do types. Both are listed in Trade-A-Plane. There is also a place in Van Nuys, CA called Chrysler Aviation. Got my type there. Stel is a wild Greek, but he treats people fairly.

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