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Lear 60 Pay?

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Well-known member
Dec 12, 2001
Does anybody have an idea what the average starting pay is for a
Learjet 60 Co-Pilot in the Mid-west? Any information is welcome.

You are asking a pretty broad question...

SIC on a Lear 60 in the midwest...
If they are a quality company looking for a Capt qualified type guy with some decent experience they would probably pay around 65K to start I would guess...

but if they are looking for a low time "co-pilot gear puller fly the dead leg type maybe type rate you in 2 years" they may offer like 25K or something absurd like that.

really depends on the outfit!!!

check the NBAA pay scales, they will give you the national averages im sure.

Good Luck, Learjets a good plane!
I appreciate the information. I am trying to find some information from NBAA about salary survey but can't really find anything. This job would entail some South America and Europe trips on a regular basis. Does that have a role in the pay scale?

Thanks again
Again it really totally depends on the company..
Are they looking for someone with Intl experience? FSI current in Intl Procedures? etc.... things like that could mean more $$$
Be sure to inquire about Intl training if you have none, you dont even want to be a SIC overseas without proper training..
A lear 60 to Europe? thats a long trip, if they do that a few times and have $$$ they will surely buy a bigger A/C..
Sorry, I dont have the latest NBAA #'s....Pro Pilot had it a few months back, I throw them out after a few weeks but others on the board may have the #'s
Good Luck to you.
I'm a 60 Captain in the Midwest and the previous post was correct. In my market, 55/60 FO will start around 35 to 40 but will go up steadily until type and upgrade. Captains start around 60 and top at about 80.
Hey Passion,

If you're talking about MBV, they're a good company. If you are Captain material, then it's not such a factor but if you are an FO, prepare to be a gear monkey...exclusively. The old man doesn't like anyone but the Chief to fly him. They have had trouble keeping pilots because of this. All in all, a stable place to work though. Good luck.

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