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Lear 45

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Active member
Jun 16, 2002
Ok, I need everyone who has flown the 45 to chime in on the good points and the bad points of the 45. We are considering upgrading from a 400A and I know there is some good info out there. Thanks.
In the current issue of Aviation International News there is a good article on the NEW Lear 45XR, sounds like they made some much needed improvements along with upgrading the engines from -A's to -B's...

If you would like, I'd be happy to scan it in and e-mail it to you, let me know...

Falcon Capt.

A while back I was talkking with some FlexJet drivers on the 45. They wre telling me in the summer they had second segment climb limits coming out of DAL. And Lear is jacking the gross up to Westwind weights and still keeping Lear 35 power. Makes us poor old Lear 25 drivers scratch our heads.
I've been flying the 45 for Flex for over two years and have over 1000 hours in it. It is a good airplane, but does have some limitations (as all airplanes do). The reliability has improved and I rarely have a squawk that grounds the airplane. I just flew 5 days (25 hours) with out a single squawk. The article in AIN is pretty good, and if you are buying new I'd get an XL. Get the APU, don't get the freon A/C that Flex planes have. The A/C works great, but after 3 years they still don't have a fix for the aux. heater that is part of that system. The APU provides good heating and cooling and you won't have to have a GPU. It's a versitile airplane that is very easy to fly. The wing is very good at altitude and crusies at .80 ISA +5 and colder the majority of the time. I would reccomend the airplane if it fits your mission proflile. PM me if you have any specific questions.

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