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Lear 45 Training

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Active member
Mar 11, 2003
Currently the company I work for is using Bombardier DFW as our training provider. We are thinking of switching to FSI ATL. If any of you 45 guys/gals that have been to both and have any insights on the quality of the training vs. each other I would appreciate hearing them.
I can't speak for the 45 program, but can for the 60. We made the switch from Bomardier DFW to FSI ATL and are very pleased. The scheduling is so much easier for our department. Bombardier was great, but it was so difficult for us to schedule a class, and if we had a last minute change it was almost impossible to get a class a week or two later. We have really enjoyed FSI. The cost was the same so FSI makes more sense to us. Of course, we have a straight 60 so I think the XR is easier to schedule at Bombardier than the straight 60.
The quality of training is good at both. The thing I like about FSI is that you do class and sim everyday. At Bombardier they did class and sim on different days. I like the sim everyday. I feel like you get more out of abnormal/emergency training that way
I been to all of them and they all have their good and bad spots. ATL does a good job.

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