Lear 45 and 60


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Jun 16, 2002
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I was wondering if there were and Lear 45 and 60 drivers out there that could elaborate on which of the aircraft seems to be better on the reliability standpoint and which is better operationally wise as far as runway req. and landing distances. We currently operate a 400A and are considering purchasing on the the two. Thank you in advance for your info. Any and all info on the airplanes is appreciated.


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Jul 16, 2002
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We operate two lear 60's and one lear 45. The lear 60 is definatley the better performer, it is on the same level as the early 20 series lears. Some of our guys have seen 10,000 feet per minute, one guy in our 60 left on a deadhead leg fairly light and asked for an unrestricted climb...he was above 10,000 feet before he left the airport boundry area!! really impressive!!
the 45 cannot outperform the 60, and I don't believe it has the range as the 60. Our 60 made it to hawaii from L.A.
as for takeoff and landing performance, I believe the 45 wins. the lear 60 is basically a lear 55 with much larger engines and pretty much the same wing. and they left the same brakes on it even though the MROW is 3,000 lbs heavier in the 60.
both have fantastic avionics, its 6's on that subject. and the only other thing that I can think of is the cabin area is bigger in the 60. Not much but it definatly is more comfy.
Lear 60's are 7 to 11 million and the 45's I believe are in the same balpark. If runway length isn't a big issue, the lear 60 is definatly the winner!!!!!

Now the real question......are you looking for anyone with lear experience?