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Lear 35 Headsets

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Art Vandalay

Oct 27, 2004
Going to be flying a Lear 35, no intercom, and am curious about what headest to buy. I have the Lightspeed 30-3G, but won't be able to use it due to the intercom issues. I have heard the Telex 750, but want more opinions. Also, any links on where to buy would be extremely helpful.


Art V.
We just use the Telex 750's. Most of the time it's quiet enough that they are sufficient. We don't have an intercom, either.

Art V,

Telex 750 should be just fine...(I used to use them in LR24).
Try e-bay, I saw 15 or 20 of them for sale, from $80.00 up.

Good luck, and con grads. on new job!
Get a good one. It doesn't have to be ENC, but it should be good. Back when I was flying a Lear 35 our "health and safety" guys made us fly with a dB meter in the cockpit. I forget now what the readings were, but they were actually quite high and even reached a dangerously high level when you had the windshield bleed air turned on. The health and safety guys made us all go get hearing tests and buy David Clark ENC headsets. I've been lucky throughout my career - I've worn headsets throughout my entire career and my hearing is still intact. I know a lot of guys who aren't so fortunate. Remember, hearing loss is cumulative - you never get it back once it's gone.

Good by Hearing
We use the TELEX 5X5 at our company. It denfinetly sucks not having a intercom. The 35 can be very loud if you push it up in the descent.(due to the insane wind noise rushing over the cockpit.) I try to use a ear plug in my other ear whenever I can.
For the sake of my hearing I would probably take a pay cut just to get intercoms in our Lears. I guess it could always be worse.
I have the Sennheiser HMEC-25KA headset, great lightweight ANR headset! But it pisses me off that I have to fly aroud with the earcup towards my FO off. When the IAS gets up over 300 I just put it on and make him tap me on the shoulder, it's not like he has to reach very far away! I miss my intercomm!

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