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Lear 31a F/O needed

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Uncle Sparky

Beano Tester
Sep 12, 2004
Our company is looking for a "lower" time F/O to fly out of our home base; the lovely desert paradise of Kuwait City. :D

The aircraft is a low-time (1,600hrs) nicely equipped and maintained Lear 31a. Planned flight hours for next year are 400 (we are currently flying less than 250hrs though).

Operations include day trips throughout the entire Arabian Peninsula, northern Africa and some overnights in Europe. We have been averaging 4-8 overnights/month.

Duties will be inline with CFR pt91 industry standards for a First Officer, and we fly within the duty/flight time rules of pt135. Minimal collateral duties will be required but rest assured, you won't be cleaning landing gear and vacuuming the airplane (we have a ground crew for that purpose).

Time requirements are 3,000 t/t....2,000 turbine....1,000 Lear 30 series (only 31, 35, 36!!). These requirements are stated in our insurance agreement so don't bother if you don't meet or exceed them. On that same note, the boss wants "a lower time, sub-30 year old" First Officer. He also stated that he "won't hire anyone who has a type that begins with an A or a B". I know it sounds corny (I'm just the messenger) :rolleyes: but what he's afraid of is the "greener pastures" phenomenon. With that said, a one year training agreement (no cost out of your pocket unless you leave early) is part of the contract.

Now, the important part……..PAY: IRO-$70,000usd/yr Medical, Dental and Life are included. The salary is tax-free and if you wire it back to the States, the same applies up to $82k. (I think it may have been raised to $85k, if anyone knows let me know).

Anyone who is interested PM me.

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wow... 3000 TT for a lear 31 f/o... to bad..
Yo v,

I'll assume that in your youth, you didn't know better by flying over there. I'm sure you know better now - certainly what Avi Lipkin would say! Dude, get your type and come over here to the canyon blue side!

Dude, I forgot your age, but I know you're under 50, so here's the next 10 years. Most junior line is 15 days a month, average line is 13-14 days, most senior is 11 days a month.

(The range is base pay to working a few extra days a month)
Year 1: 55-65k
Year 2: 90-105k
Year 3: 95-110k
Year 4: 100-120k
Year 5: 110-130k
Year 6: 120-140k
Year 7: Upgrade to Captain, pay: 160-180k
Year 8: 165-190k
Year 9: 170k-200k
Year 10: 175k-205k

Netjets will NEVER, EVER pay that!
Man i'd do that if i was single in a heart beat. All those easy middle eastern women. All the booze you could drink. Eggs and bacon for breakfast every morning.

That's the life for me.
Uncle Sparky said:
Our company is looking for a "lower" time F/O to fly out of our home base; the lovely desert paradise of Kuwait City. :D


1000 hours of Lear 30 series time does not a low time F/O make. Besides, unless you're of an enthinc origin that easily blends into the surrounding countries you would be seriously risking your life living over there. They don't love us. We're the "Infidels", remember? They like our thirst for oil and that's it. Now, if you're looking to work for Emirates Airlines, that's a horse of a different color.

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