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Lear 31 $$

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I would say depending on your area, the lowest you will see is around high 20's anywhere up to mid 40's if you are thinking charter...With your time unless you plan on going to a commuter, it would be a good choice to take just about anything in that range just to get into the industry and start building some experience.>.GOOD LUCK
Thanks, that's pretty much what I was thinking but I want to make sure I don't sell myself short nor ask for too much which would probably ensure I don't get the job.
heres the problem

I don't care what your experience is, if they want you they should pay the NBAA average. Aviation doesn't need young pilots who are willing to take the bottom pay to get the job, f/o pay is f/o pay! I'm not putting you down, but the corporate pay will continue to go down if pilots look at pay like "I don't want to affend them with my request of pay", damn, request high and go from there, they are business people and know how to wheel and deal (don't let them roll over you). Go high and believe!!!
Just out of curiosity, what region are you in and if you don't mind me asking, whats the company you are looking at? I work for a large learjet operator in Florida and have worked for a couple others in the southeast as well. I'll do my best to help if i can.
Well, It seems that from what I've seen that around 30K is not unreasonable for either side. Where can I find average pays for different positions/planes?

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