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Lear 23 in Lakeland ?

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Well-known member
Dec 11, 2001

I met yesterday a former collegue who told me that a modified Lear 23 will perform aerobatics at this years Sun'n'Fun.

I think this is going to be a very interesting airshow.

Any details ?


I,ll be there, cant wait to see it if it is true.

It's true!

Yes, your associate is correct. I read in one of the trade pubs last month that the guy who was touring the airshow circuit in the Beech-18 is painting up a Lear 23 in black (can you say "pro-seal") and red, and is going to tour the airshow circuit this year. I hope the crowds have plenty of earplugs for when those CJ-610s go screaming by...

I can't wait!
I hope its not an original wing lear, it will make me nervous just watching it.

Talk about watching the AOA guage.

Maybe this should be at "You've Got...."

Now don't laugh too hard!!

I was watching JAG one evening and they had a Learjet in the story line. Short form: The main character "looped it to a landing."

I thought that it was rather, uh, extraordinary and a little far-fetched. Made a comment to a former DO about the hilarious episode. Joke was on me. Apparently Learjet (back in the day) would roll the aircraft and then "loop it to a landing" during a demonstration. Unfortunately someone died during a demonstration and the aerobatics were deleted.

I really do trust this DO not to spoof on me, so anyone else ever hear of this??
There is nothing impossible about looping any airplane to landing. Its an old airshow routine. The trick is not the pinch the back side of the loop and smack the ground before being able to pull out.
Just a little FYI...the Lear 23 that Younkin is going to be flying is serial number 009...N number is/was N49CK. I know some people will find that really cool.
Rolling Lears

When I was flying C-21's the DO told us not to wear Wayfarers or to roll the jet. We did both.

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