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Leading edge clear tape

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Sep 14, 2023
Does anyone have any experience adding clear tape to your wings leading edge. When at TAC Aero, I noticed they have it on their FX-3’s. It make big clean up really easy.

I am in the final stage of my build and ask Cub Crafter to add it. They added it to the struts and horizontal stabilizer, but said they will not add it to the wings leading edge as it could disrupt the airflow.

I would like to add it when I get it back but would like to know how challenging it might be and if it would require approval from the FAA and a series of test flights. This will be my first experimental plane so any guidance is appreciated.
I bought the 3M clear bra tape from Amazon and intended to put it on my leading edges of the horizontal stab, gear legs, struts, etc. I then decided not to as getting it off could cause more harm than good. When working with my landing light upgrade I was amazed how easy the paint came up, as if there wasn't much adhesion, at least in the landing light wells. If you go peeling tape off of a leading edge it may take paint with it. Yes, I know to use heat, etc. but I think the risk outweighs the benefits in some areas. Just my $.02. Think about your higher risk rock areas and consider protecting those or just realize it's a cub, not a showroom model, and it's supposed to have some character showing you've taken it outside your living room :)
I don't think I would put the tape on the leading edge. If you are worried about bugs, the best thing is Bug Slide. The bugs just wipe off with distilled water when you clean the wing leading edges with it. Struts, prop, horizontal stab, vert stab etc.

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