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Layover Times

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Well-known member
Mar 5, 2002
How long are some of your layovers? Longest, shortest? What do you do on long layovers? Do you sit in your hotel, or go around and explore the city? Thanks :rolleyes:
Maybe it was beginners luck, but last month I flew and had a 36 hour SEA layover (worked out, went to Pike market, and across sound to Bainbridge Island), then went to Reno for a scheduled 24 hour layover (worked out, ate too much sushi at Hilton, and lost a month's worth of per diem at craps and Blackjack). (That trip turned into 72 hours but that is a long story). Also did SDF (Louisville) for a 12 hour layover, which is about all the time it takes for a rat-faced S/O and F/O to solve all the worlds problems over dinner and a bunch of beers, and still be safe and legal to fly home the next morning.

All trips were day trips, by the way....

On the other hand, IOE trips were 13.5 hours in a loud hotel from 7am until about 9 pm after hub turning. Those trips are why freight haulers have unions--they are brutal. I'm sure I'll get my share of those too...

Shortest have been about 10 hrs, usually due to a late arrival. Longest was about 94 hrs in Sydney. I have had many fairly long ones (48 or more). I always get out and about on longer layovers, sight see, lots to do!

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