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Latest SWA rumors..

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Freedom Fighter
Nov 27, 2001
Hello fellow poolies and others..

A few fresh bits of poop straight from "Dumbo".

The latest planned classes per month are as follows..


These are for a total of 180 slots thru the month of August..
This is subject to change and from what i hear an increase in class size is likely..

The latest rumor about the total number in the pool is 165..We now have 66 on the list so we need to work harder at getting more poolies to join us on the list..

There has been a change in the hiring process..In the past you could go to the DB with some records/paperwork outstanding..Not no more..

All paperwork and background checks must be completed before your package will be sent to the DB..

The old rule of thumb of not getting a "no thank you"letter within two weeks or so of your interview being good news may no longer apply..:eek:

As always..Everything is subject to change..

I want to thank you all that have worked so hard at getting the pool info..The poolie list is only as good as its members and all of you have been great..

Jennifer told me there was a class tentatively scheduled in early May also. Nothing about June or August yet but they are hopeful. They are interviewing in Feb (i.e. adding to the pool) so they must know something......
The class dates were as a result of Bob Dumbowskis comments to an interview group in Dallas.

I too have heard the story about May but Bob made no mention of anything about a class in May..

I cant help but think with all the interviewing going on that the and size and rate of classes will increase over that which is being reported..

Ken Gile on the Avcareer TV interview thingy last week said they were hiring 180 pilots for the year...

So much conflicting info. A buddy on IOE told me the training dept had been told to gear up for as many as 3 classes per month and 650 pilots.

I guess you know something when they call ya ;)

Just curious, what means have you used to arrive at the 165 number for "pool depth"? When I did my type rating about a month ago at K&S, the school owner told us there were about 100 guys in the pool.. Not sure that info was accurate... A week or so before that I think that I read that there were 250 guys? Anyones guess I suppose.

No real math or science goes into that number..

As i stated at the top of the post..The "rumored" number is 165...The source of the rumor was inside the company in Dallas..

I have heard numbers thrown around as low as 100 and a high of 250..I tend to stay away from what i hear from the boards and only post info that has come from within the company in some way..

But..Like the man said..Until you get the call its all a little better than a W.A.G and a whole lot better than what you can get out of JM.

How does the Air Force "stop loss" affect that number, basically, of that number what percernt are "stop loss." Also, how can one gage where one is in the pool. This may give us some idea of when we may get the call.


First..I notice that you havnt been put on the pool list..
If you want to be added to the list send your info to the e-mail address at the top of the list..

The number that is or may be effected by stop loss is a closely guarded secret..I have heard the percentage is less than ten percent of the total pool..The other rumor is that there was to have been some change in the stop loss people in the first part of Jan..

As far as stop loss and its effect on the pool...It depends on where you are and how many are above you in the pool..If your time for a class date comes up and the stop loss folks havnt been released..Then you go to class..

If you are close to a date and they release some stop loss folks then you get pushed back alittle if they should have gone before you..

As far as a way to figure out where you are..Im not sure that is possible beyond having all the people in the pool on the list..

The People Dept wont tell you where you are or how many are above you..

So ..I guess the closest thing to a guess is the poolie list..

If you know someone thats in the pool but not on the list..tell them to join this great board or ask them for their info and i will post it for them..The more on the poolie list the better picture of the pool we have..

Hang in there..See ya in Dallas..


Thanks for the update! Us swimmers appreciate any words we can get, and all your hard work on the poolie list!

You mention there are currently about 165 in the pool. Any idea if that includes those already starting/soon to start in January, or is this number after those that have been notified with a class date?

Slowly swimming towards Dallas...


Its my understanding that the 165 number is as of this week..

While i have no way of knowing for sure..My guess is the Jan 3rd class wouldnt be included in that number..


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