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Last Brasilia flight at Coex

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Flight 3635, from Beaumont to Houston was the last leg for the Brasilia. My wife and I were two of the 11 employees who boarded this last flight. The Beaumont television news stations gave the story it's due credit and the airport fire station washed the aircraft down as it taxied out. I think this was the first and last time we had a Brasilia washed. Just kidding. Our chief operating officer was one of the passangers and he started a trend when he ordered a beer. The flight attendant (whom I have worked with several times) gave us all a wink and started handing out free beer/liquer and we all poured it down our throats as quickly as we could as the flight is only 25 minutes. We all were greeted in IAH by several other employees who took pictures of the aircraft. It was a warm evening and as I turned around one last time to see the 4 brasilias lined up on the ramp, never again to see revenue service wearing the blue and gold; it was sad. They were beasts to fly when you were a new hire pilot, but by the time you were ready to move on to another plane you hated leaving it.

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