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Larry's Flying Service

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Burt Gutherie

Active member
Nov 25, 2001
Is this a good operation? What is Bethel like? Would the living conditions be suitable to bring the wife? Thanks for any info.
I dont know too much about Larry's but I do fly around the villages out of BET from time to time so I can help you with that part. Bethel is an interesting town as long as you have a job that keeps you working from about 7 to 7 every day you are there. The weather there can very from beautiful CAVU days to the worst weather that I have ever seen short of a hurricane. It is VERY cold in winter and winters are long.

Some of the guys that I work with have brought the wives, significant others out to BET with them, but for each one of those guys there are two that commute. Most schedules in BET are two on two off or 20/10 or something similar that makes commuting a reasonable option. Rent is very expensive and so is everything else. Housing in Bethel is decent considering where you are.

I know there are several BET based people on this board, perhaps they can shed a little more light on what living out there is like. The flying is certainly a lot of fun, for what its worth, lots of short dirt strips with good crosswinds all the time. Hope this helps you out.


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