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Large Jet Charter ?

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"Kids these days"-AAflyer
Nov 14, 2004
Hey, gang,
I'm looking into arranging a large jet charter for an old employer. He's looking for either a 737 or 757. I have a few questions to ask regarding configuration and things of that nature. Can anyone direct me to a good operator?

Not looking for a cut or anything... But you should check out Miami Air International. Good luck!
Xtra Airways usaually has a plane availible. 737-400 150 pax 12 1st 138 coach.
EJM and Avjet - Burbank operate BBJ's. As Big Flyer mentioned Miami Air is an option if you're looking for high capasity config. Depending on where you're going and when Allegiant Air charter's it's MD80's as well. Good Luck!
I was told either 737 or 757. I'm still trying to find out how many he wants to take. BBJs seem to be configured for less than 20, which may be fine, I just don't know yet. Hope to find out more tomorrow (monday). Thanks so far for the input!

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