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Langa Air ???

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Sep 16, 2005
Just wondering if anyone is going to or knows anyone going to Langa Air in St. Louis. http://www.langaair.com With the recent events of Airman Flight School taking place in OK I'm trying to find out as much info as I can before I go. I still have 2 years before I go due to my current job but I want to use that time to gain as much info about the school as I can. I've looked at many other schools and just think this one will fit me best. If you have any information just let me know, it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
I took a look around their facilities and they seem like a really nice outfit to fly with. They have a beautiful towered airport and nice aircraft. 172s for primary and instrument, 182RGs for commercial and CFI, and the Seminole for multi.

I applied to instruct there but they did not have enough students at the time.

What part of STL are you in?
At the moment I'm at Whiteman AFB near Kansas City. I have 2 and a half years left in the Air Force but then plan to move to STL to go to Langa. Thanks for the positive comments, that's a good thing to hear. Did you train there with them? I've talked to a representative from the school a few times and just like what I've heard, hopefully it's not "too good to be true." Thanks again.
I did not train there but I sure did like what I saw. I don't think too many people in STL know too much about them because they are "all the way" up in Alton, IL. Its about a 30 minute commute from where I am.

Good luck with the training!
I looked at them in 2001 and they were a company in my top choices. I'd recommend looking into them via their brouchoures and a visit then making the call yourself.
Yea, I knew they we're a little ways from STL but it's good to hear these positive remarks. I plan on taking a tour of Langa sometime soon, I'll probably go visit a few times before I actually go. Anyone know about how many students/instructors they have or how to get in contact with a student or instructor without going through there recruiting dept. I'll try that way too though just to see if I can talk to someone up there. Well, thanks again for your replies. I'll keep checking them out.
Yeah its pretty cool. They are about to get another one of them because the thing is booked for the next 3 weeks. St. Charles Flying Service is a good group of people too.

Skyline on the other hand way over-charges.
Not exactly the most friendly bunch either.
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Foxcow said:
Skyline on the other hand way over-charges. Not exactly the most friendly bunch either.

I always liked the folks at Skyline. YMMV.

OTOH, they are pricey, but they do have some very nice airplanes. I think they have 5 G1000's for rent now - C172, C812, DA40 and a Mooney Ovation on the way. They're definitely oriented toward people who aspire to own a twin as opposed to flying one.

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